"Leading With Impact" creates results for professional women across industries.

Tiara International LLC is committed to innovative, effective leadership development for women that results in achieving both individual and company goals.

Beginning in 2015, Tiara International has provided a program across industries for professional women to develop their leadership competencies and expand their influence. The curriculum is based on the Tiara Model for True Leadership (SM) and combines in-person group development sessions, one-on-one leadership coaching, and virtual community support.

Challenges Facing Professional Women Today

In today's professional landscape women can be found in every role. Women serve organizations as CEOs, Executive Directors, lawyers, accountants, truck drivers, teachers, journalists, athletes, and more. The list is infinite. However, there are still certain challenges that women in particular face when focusing on their careers, particularly as they reach the senior levels in their industry.

These challenges often come in the form of internal questions like:

  • Does this company align with my values?

  • Should I start my own business?

  • How do I continue to grow in my career while prioritizing personal goals?

  • Do I have to become something I'm not to get promoted?

  • How do I authentically navigate politics in my industry or company?

The "Leading With Impact" Solution

Because of the needs voiced by senior level professional women, Tiara International designed a program that provides both individual leadership development while bringing women across industries together to learn from each other.

"We have found that women still feel alone, particularly when they reach a certain level in their organizations," says Peg Rowe, Leadership Consultant with Tiara International. "By bringing women together from different industries, companies, and lines of work, we create a supportive, diverse community where real sharing can take place."

The program combines in-person sessions where the women come together to create their Integrated Leadership Plans and dive deep into the how true leadership originates.

Between in-person sessions, they are supported by an individual leadership consultant and stay connected virtually with the group.

"When I first took over running the automotive company, I second-guessed myself quite a bit, particularly being the only woman in the room and new to the industry. Being part of Leading With Impact and the Tiara International community, I have not only found my voice, I have discovered how to be heard," Linda Torakis, President of MVC shares with us.

Continued Results

The participants in Leading With Impact represent law, technology, manufacturing, finance, automotive, transportation, social service, education, business, and the list is always growing. Interestingly, because of the strong community built through participation, the program continues to provide results, even after completion.

"Initially Leading With Impact met my initial goals, which included getting my dream promotion at the Federal Reserve Bank. What I didn't expect was that the community built through Leading With Impact would continue to contribute my career after the program was over. Through that network I received an even greater opportunity to take on the CFO role at the American Hospital Association. This type of move was not even on my radar, and probably would not have happened without the program and the connections." Christina Fisher, CFO, American Hospital Association.

The Power of Influence and Inspiration

Through Leading With Impact, we have been able to demystify how to expand influence as a leader while remaining inspired and true to yourself. Both the companies who have leveraged Leading With Impact for developing high potential and talented leaders and the women who have participated personally report that the results are visible improvements in:

  • Confidence

  • Clarity

  • Commitment

  • Engagement

  • Personal responsibility

  • Achievement of specific goals brought to the program

  • Achieving results through others