Employee Resource Group creates a program that results in job promotions for underrepresented employees.

GOLD: An Employee Resource Group at NiSource, Inc.


NiSource is committed to inclusion and diversity company-wide, and through its various Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Mentorship Programs they intend to have a workforce and leadership population that reflects the communities they serve. The GOLD (Generating Opportunities for Latinos & Diversity) ERG has had amazing success by launching the Own Your Career program in partnership with Tiara International.

GOLD wanted to provide something motivational and practical to the members of its community, beyond the typical social or volunteer events. Those activities were important and beneficial, yet they wanted to create real change for the Latino employee population they represented.

The situation is similar for many ERGs. They have big goals, lots of inspiration, yet limited funds. Tiara International customizes our approach to meet the specific needs, outcomes, and resources of each client. In this case, we partnered with the GOLD Leadership Team to design, launch, and deliver key elements of the program. However, we also leveraged internal resources and experts for the delivery so that the result felt very relevant to the company and the budget could be met.

After rolling out this program, the participants reported:

  • Job promotions accepted by over 50% of the participants

  • Increased accountability

  • Expanded Networks 

  • Growth in Confidence

  • Leadership recognition

  • Acquired skills to grow personally and professionally