In The Spotlight : Floor Witteborg, The School At Sea


When Tiara Leadership Coach, Franciska Dekker, was first contacted by Floor Witteborg, she knew she was special. “I just love people with big wishes and dreams that might seem far out of reach or impossible, yet they spark into action. Just taking the first next step based on inspiration, and the next, and the next, etc. The School at Sea project Floor is hoping to join, involves leadership development and experiential learning. Her initiative impressed me and what she is doing is very much in line with our Tiara mission – “a world where all women (people) powerfully choose to lead from inspiration” and my own heart.”

What are you passionate about?

I really like to travel to other countries to see and experience new things for myself. It’s great trying new things and learning from them, like being involved with a hockey exchange visit to the UK. I had wanted to go on a school exchange visit to Hungary, but sadly I wasn’t allotted. We do go abroad on family vacations, usually to Scandinavia or to the South of Europe.

My bigger dream is to do something for the world. Make the world a better place and bring people together. I would love to do volunteer work, for instance with refugees.

What are you doing in your life right now?

The School at Sea project is an experiential talent development program for high school students. We will work, live, and learn on a sailing ship for 6 months with 45 people. Obtaining new perspectives about the world and about ourselves, through learning by doing. We will learn to take personal responsibility for big and small choices, and work in a team, while traveling the world and continuing our education.

Why is it important for you to be on this project?

For instance, on a day we are in Cuba, we will do our own local shopping, then cook our own dinner. I want to experience and be part of this. I love to connect and talk with all kinds of people, learn new things, and new languages. During the hockey exchange, we learned English from the other girls and they learned to speak Dutch from us. I also want to learn to be autonomous. I want to venture, try new things, meet my fears, and develop my leadership. I am afraid of spiders and snakes but I will have to confront that by sleeping alone in a hammock in a cabin in the jungle …

While on board, we are not allowed to have our personal cell phones. We are also not allowed mirrors. This helps to support us in being present in the moment, to who we are ourselves, to each other, to what we need to accomplish and to learn, both individually and as a group.

My personal website to be included in this project can be found here: For anyone interested in sponsoring me, please have a look! The language is Dutch but I am happy to explain more in English! I need to raise 22.500 euro by October 2017 and I can surely use help from both individuals and companies!

I really want to experience and feel things for myself. That’s how I learn and grow.

What is your strongest calling or strength? What do people compliment you about?


I think it's my drive, my strong will, and the ability to persevere. I am not so concerned with getting compliments and approval from others, but often I am told that I have good ideas, I am lovable, kind, and funny. People also say that I am a good listener and helpful.

What do you acknowledge yourself for?

I think about what I want to accomplish, see what I need, then go out and do it. I am committed to keeping my vision and staying focused, even at times when I don’t really feel like it. 

How do you recharge your batteries or nourish yourself?

Sometimes I am prone to feeling overwhelmed with the many things I need to attend to: going to school, doing my homework, preparing to be selected for the school at sea project… I take the time to rest and keep it all enjoyable, listening to music, watching TV, and visiting with my grandma. I just finished reading two books!

What advice do you have for other girls/women/leaders?

Do things that you might perceive as scary. Go outside of your comfort zone and experience things that you normally would not do. I believe everybody is their own leader: you have to get to know yourself, decide what it is that you want to be, to give and to have.