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Scroll through our testimonials from our leadership clients that have used Tiara International for:

Corporate Initiatives

From Violet Sistovaris, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at NiSource:

“Early in my career, I realized that you must be perceived as a powerful leader or your staff, colleagues and peers will not take you seriously. Unfortunately, there weren’t a lot of powerful female role models back then. Understanding how and when to share my vision and leverage my influence has empowered me as a leader and helped others know who they are following. This is a key reason why The Tiara Model for True Leadership℠ is at the core of our Women In Leadership (WIL) Mentoring Program.”

From a Mentee after participating in a Corporate Mentoring Programs:

“I wanted to follow up and let you know that I just got accepted to an Executive MBA Program. I will be on a specific track focused on gaining an Energy Specialization Certification. This was one of the goals I committed to when I started the Mentorship Program, and I firmly believe this program helped me accelerate my thinking on my leadership path. I also was able to leverage several of the women in the program to help review my personal statement for the application process. I am so thankful for this Program, the advice and genuine care.”


Executive Coaching

From Gabrielle Kalkwijk, VP of Operations, Dawn Food Products:

“Over the years, I have learned to consistently hold true to my values, manage communication to my stakeholders and continually allow for more growth on every level. Doing this in a fun and inspiring way is critical to producing sustainable results. This orientation is at the heart of The Tiara Model for True Leadership℠.

From Linda Torakis, President, McKechnie Vehicle Components: 

“I chose to work with a coach because I wanted guidance as a female business leader in the automotive industry, a new field for me. Working with my coach helped me find my voice and understand the unique value I provide both to my company and the industry. As a result, MVC is becoming a stable business while also becoming culturally strong.”

Leadership Coaching

From a Technical Director in International Risk and Policy Analysis:

“For me, the past months have been remarkable in terms of my personal development and rapidly increasing clarity as to what I want. Thank you, thank you, Andrea and Franciska, Tiara has changed my life! Job-wise, this means I now have a wonderful new job, precisely the sort of work I shine in, bringing together of all that I have been doing and developing in the last 15 years. The first phase of this job is in Paris, starting 22 August for 3 months initially, and ultimately for 2 years. I will need to be in Paris 4 or 5 days a week till the end of this year and then probably 3 days a week will be enough. Isn’t that just amazing!”

From Christina Fisher, Vice President, Finance at Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago:

“I gained more confidence and comfort around being a leader among leaders. I have asserted myself as a strategic-thinking organizational leader, not just a department leader. During the program, I received my next leadership challenge — a promotion to Vice President.

I appreciated the Leadership Map as a foundational tool. It helped to connect the dots between my strengths, core values, and my true inspiration. It was an insightful reference throughout the program. The individual coaching sessions were invaluable to address my specific leadership challenges.

I am more deliberate about letting go of tasks, recognizing that delegation is critical for developing my staff. I am more focused on getting things done through others (as opposed to doing myself) and holding my staff accountable for high-quality deliverables. This has freed my time for more focus on strategy and relationship-building.

I would recommend the program to other high-potential, female leaders. Particularly, those pushing for the next level of leadership in either scope or title. The program provides actionable steps, focus, and mindset shifts.”

From Rebekah Childers, a Consultant and Team Lead with Gagen MacDonald shares:

“Because of Leading With Impact, I had the confidence to begin seeking a new job centered around the things I love to do. I was able to use Leading with Impact tools, build a plan outlining what I am passionate about and the role I wanted, and build further leadership skills I needed. During the program, I got the job I wanted and entered my new role with a completely different take on leadership. I’m now ready to lead in a way that is more aware, empathetic, patient and strategic. And I have the tools to continue my development and be open to lifelong learning. This program is a great way to bring women together to empower each other and learn from each other!”

Personal Coaching

From Christina Hachikian, Executive Director of the Social Entrepreneurship Initiative at Chicago Booth:

“My promotion is final – and who doesn’t love getting their dream job.  And the wedding is coming together.  I’m focused on staying present and enjoying both the work and the fun of the last few days leading up to the wedding. I have been pretty emotional (in odd ways – like crying during country songs while driving), but I’m also enjoying and accepting that as well.  It is great that the distinctions from tiara come up with life is bad, and when it is really, really great.”

From Barbara Govednik, Founder of 432 Communication:

“One thing I’m experiencing more of is going with the flow, taking the path of least resistance. And the things that are most important to me are still occurring. It’s nice to check in with my plan halfway through the year and see that the goals are happening, even though I’m not driving them in the traditional way. There has been forward movement in all of my priorities.”

From Jen Small, a Project Manager at Nielsen:

“This year I’ve noticed that the results I’m getting are almost sneaky … happening without me needed to drive a To Do List. Sometimes I think it should be harder than this, but ultimately I love the reminder that having a fulfilling life can be simple and easy. It’s particularly important this year because I’m taking on big things … redoing my home, getting a promotion at work, and having a second child, for example. Imagine accomplishing all that with a sense of grace and ease! One thing that’s happened this year is that I’ve given up martyrdom and victim-hood — for the most part. I’ve stepped into being more genuine, authentic, and powerful in my choices.”

Virtual Coaching

From Chingwell Mutombo, Executive Director at First Step Initiative:

Two years ago, I was at a point in my life where I just felt that I didn’t fit the traditional model of a so called “leader”. I was struggling to find my place in the world in terms of understanding my own leadership journey and how I bring myself to the world as a leader. This search led me to participate in the Mentium program and I was assigned to Peg Rowe as my mentor. It is true when they say that when a student is ready, the teacher appears. Peg appeared at the best moment in my life’s journey and she introduced me to Tiara Coaching, the best thing to have happened to me. With the help of Peg and my participation in the Tiara TeleSeries, I was able to discover the leader in me. I learned that being my authentic self is the best way for me to serve in my leadership capacity.

The Tiara TeleSeries provided a wonderful platform for all us to be ourselves. I very much enjoyed the weekly discussions with the participating members. The discussions were very enriching. But most importantly, all the participants were just themselves. When we truly bring ourselves to any situation, it has a way of opening up wonderful connections. I can truly say that this is one of the very few places where I totally feel at home.

I have been using everything that I learned from Peg and from participating in the Tiara TeleSeries last year, to guide my life. I am still using the plan to guide me along the way. But most importantly, I have gotten much comfortable with the notion of my own power. Now I can say with much ease that “I am powerful.”

From Anneke Strik, Trainer and Coach at Landstede:

“I choose to do the Tiara virtual programs on the phone because I experienced how inspiring this can be for me. I was led along by the Tiara leaders to a new awareness that is positive and guides me to new practices in my life. The most valuable part for me is the sharing of insights with all the different participants. It brings a sense of belonging to a strong and lively community. To find my own place in this community is very valuable and new to me.

The difference in my life since the Tiara TeleSeries is that there is a circle of awareness and clarity. I give my reflections to myself and to the other participants. This energy comes back to me and brings me great joy.”

From Jen Todd, Coach/Consultant/Founder at breakthrough partners, inc.:

“I joined the 15 Days to WOW℠ program to get accountability and support in the writing that I had been stalling on. I made a commitment to write 15 minutes a day and get on the calls, which seemed small at the time but it had a BIG shift in my energy, paradigm and writing results! I realized how easy it was follow through on a 15 minute commitment. It busted me out of my excuses and stuckness and led to more creative, authentic and confident writing and words on the page!”

Speaking Engagements

From Amalia Cochran, President, President, Association of Women Surgeons:

Betsy and Beth led an “Executive Presence” workshop for our annual conference attendees that was exactly what we all needed. We had an audience at highly variable career stages, and they were able to provide meaningful coaching for everyone in the room. They brought amazing energy along with their experience, which helped to keep the entire group engaged for the full 90 minutes. The workshop was an overwhelming success in every way.

From the Owner/Founder of a Digital Marketing Firm on Gracious Accountability:

“Wow, thank you so much for today! Everyone was floored, amazed, and inspired and about 20 other wonderful things they shared with me over lunch. They kept talking and talking about what they learned. It was amazing!  I got through 3 great and promising calls with leads without getting distracted because I didn’t have to jump in and resolve any discussions, debates or problems! OMG what just happened?  So thank you, thank you! You guys are miracle workers.”

From an Owner/Founder of an Architecture Firm who attended a Fearless Networking Empower Hour:

“I love these events – particularly when I can sit there and say ‘I get it AND it’s working for me’. Recently I’ve directed some business to business marketing, and we’ve been getting great results.  We were clear on what we wanted as far as roles/responsibilities with these other architects, we were clear in what we offered them, and we ASKED for exactly what we wanted which required we formulate some new marketing info to demonstrate our capabilities and depth of experience.  One of several results – we are on one of the 4 teams shortlisted for interviews next week for a $60M restoration project, and we are the preservation architect on the team!”

Thanks for presenting such powerful and effective concepts which are so easy to apply.  My wild hare of taking over the world doesn’t seem so unobtainable these days.”