We envision a world where all people choose to lead from inspiration, in their work and their life.

Tiara International LLC was created to make our vision a reality through global leadership development programs and services.

For us, leadership is having the awareness to make powerful choices based on what’s most important to you in your life and in your career. Anyone can lead in any situation they face.

We provide:

  • Executive and Leadership Coaching

  • Leadership Development Programming for Companies

  • Mentorship Programming for Companies

  • Virtual Leadership Programming Accessible Anywhere

  • Speaking Engagements and Topical Workshops

Tiara International began as a service within ClearSpace LLC, a leadership and team effectiveness consulting firm.

Because of Tiara’s focus on women’s leadership and the development of the Tiara Model for True Leadership (SM) we became our own company in 2009 to focus on fulfilling on our vision.

Our Coaches and Consultants are located across the globe. All bring a unique set of experiences and expertise along with a common commitment to True Leadership and Leading From Inspiration.