Keep the Inner Fire Burning


What amazes and inspires me is the huge number of women, and many men, that stood up to their core values and beliefs for the greater good of the country, the social systems and the world we live in. Not only in the United States but in many other countries around the world, including here in the Netherlands, people took the effort to go out on the streets.

This is a clear, vivid example that as human beings we are not simply mechanical creatures, engaged in structured, managed, transactional, individualized tasks. We are emotional beings. We have passions and concerns. We have a source of inspiration inside of us that is affected by what happens in our surroundings. We are connected to others through this inspiration, through this fire

It reminds me of the fluid magma in the earth, that at times cannot be held under the crust but has to erupt. A threshold has passed, a momentum is generated, and what flows from there will impact the environment, the region, and all who live there.

The Women's March resulted from the many and personal inner fires building up over time and connecting with each other and leading to this natural movement, where many have felt driven by “no choice but to choose”, and joined to let their voice be heard.

My greatest wish is that we keep and grow the momentum, unafraid of the eruption. Here are some ideas for how to keep that inner fire burning.

  • Feed your fire by paying attention to it, nurturing it and listening to it. It has something to say.

  • Take actions fueled by this fire. Be in motion. Do something in the world (not just online).

  • Join together with others locally or globally who support you. These can be people with similar passions or people who represent a different viewpoint respectfully. Either way, connect and ignite. Like the Chinese Proverb reminds us, "Coals glow when closely together, when they fall apart, they extinguish."