Join our foundational "Lead From Inspiration" group coaching program launching in the Netherlands in September.

Launches on September 14.

This foundational Tiara group coaching program is designed for women who choose to lead life from inspiration. Starting with an inquiry into who you are, what you want, and how to create the life you desire, we integrate your core values and unique strengths into both career and personal choices. This translates to a clear, powerful leadership presence and capability to succeed in both work and life.

At the end of this program the participants will report:

  • Having a sense of priorities, values, and strength

  • Feeling confident in their voice, their value and their contribution

  • Inspiration to choose their desired outcomes

  • Applying the basics of creating results effectively

  • Leveraging their network to reflect their leadership statement

  • Understanding how to integrate personal and professional priorities

  • Expanding their network through meaningful connections with other participants

  • Increased engagement in their career

For more information or to register contact Franciska Dekker at, call +31 (0)6 4505 6985, or click the button below for more details. We welcome the opportunity to support you on your leadership journey.