Do a "Walking Meditation" at any time and in any weather.


We know by now that meditation is the key to health, happiness, and success. Yet many of us still struggle with the mental exhaustion that comes from repeated, failed attempts and still still and quieting our minds.

If you find sitting meditation more anxiety producing than stress reducing, you are not alone. For centuries, spiritual gurus have practiced moving meditations of many kinds, specifically walking meditations.

Several examples are included in this list of 10 Unexpected Ways to Meditate and this article about 4 Moving Meditations to Still Your Mind.

During pleasant weather, it's easier to get outside and do a physical walking meditation, reinforcing the benefits with fresh air and exposure to nature.

However, when it's freezing or storming outside, we may find ourselves very resistant to preparing for the elements.

During inclement weather, or even while sitting at your desk between meetings, Tiara has used a Tiara Tool for many years to access the benefits of walking meditation without having to manage the logistics of an actual walk. We specifically leverage the ancient tool of the labyrinth. Our Tiara Tool is a portable labyrinth that you can print and carry with you, and when you need to give your relentless problem-solving mind a break, it's there.

To use the portable labyrinth you simply use your finger or your pen with your printed Tiara Tool. Begin the same way you would as you approach a meditative walk or actual labyrinth:

  • Take three cleansing, conscious breaths.

  • Set an intention for the "walk" which might be as general as letting go or more specifically related to getting an insight to solve a problem you are currently facing.

  • When you feel ready, begin tracing the labyrinth with your finger, pen, or pencil, slowly and rhythmically. Avoid rushing. Keep breathing deeply.

  • As you approach the center focus on releasing anything stressful.

  • When you reach the center, pause for as long as you'd like.

  • As you move back out toward the exit, open yourself up for insight or new, positive energy.

  • When complete, capture any feelings, images, or insights that emerged.

Share your experience below along with any other tools or resources that you use for moving meditations or walking meditations.

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