The Tiara Model for True Leadership (SM)


The Tiara Model for True Leadership (SM) that underlies our leadership development programs is grounded in the belief that people desire inspired, meaningful lives. Hard data, research, thought-leader insights and our own observations affirm this inside-out approach.

At the model’s center resides Inspiration, the origin of self-knowledge and energy, as represented by the crown. The critical step to embodying True Leadership is identifying the source of inspiration for yourself.

Below is more information about the Threefold Dimensions: Awareness, Accomplishment and Influence.

The AWARENESS Dimension

Self-awareness is essential to effective leadership. At the most basic level, awareness is the capacity to know yourself.

Awareness involves the Acceptance of the thoughts, beliefs and feelings that based on past experiences often inform your decisions. Awareness also promotes Clarity about your strengths and learning new ways to leverage them. Clarity changes how others see you and how you see yourself, thus freeing you to make better choices and produce results that matter most in your work and your life.


This dimension encourages people, at all stages of their careers/life, to produce Results with ease by staying true to their vision and being intentional. Leader-like actions – such as building trust, accepting responsibility, mastering conflict and practicing “gracious” accountability – that are in Alignment with your purpose, values and goals yield powerful outcomes.

The INFLUENCE Dimension

This dimension redefines powerful leaders as those whose circles of Influence expand as they own and share their power.

Being of influence compels you to speak out, communicate clear messages and direction, engage others in Community in attaining a shared vision, and achieve consistent results for the good of the whole. To excel, you move from doing things to being the leader. You tap into your inspiration and nurture your own Well-being.

Remember, leadership is neither a position nor a job title reserved for the few. We are all leaders because we are the ones leading our lives. We lead best by honoring ourselves – our unique purpose, our values and strongest attributes. Coming from this inspirational center, we naturally make a difference in our workplaces, communities and families.