Franciska Dekker


Franciska Dekker is a systems thinker, both a pragmatic person and idealist. She is an expert in leadership development, personal strategy, executive coaching, women’s leadership and leadership development through travel experiences.

“I work with leaders and teams in both profit and not-for-profit organizations. The majority of my clients are senior academic staff at universities, research organizations and academic hospitals. I particularly work with change agents to produce out-of-the-box results for themselves and their teams. I am committed to bringing both quick-start and follow-through energy to goal achievement. I believe that lifestyles can fit the uniqueness of an individual or team.”

What makes her tick is leading a full and authentic life sourced from inspiration and supporting others in doing the same. With her academic background, calm nature and lightness of being, she easily  uncovers blind spots and helps her clients increase the flow in their lives. Keywords to describe her are connection, inspiration and impact.

Franciska is a university graduate in agricultural science, and she has held a variety of positions with FAO in Africa, in the Caribbean and with Wageningen University and Research Centre in the Netherlands during 1985-2002. Then she changed her career to coaching and leadership development. She has traveled extensively, still does, and loves adventures through moving beyond – physically and metaphysically. In addition to science, she is educated in psycho-energetic therapy, communication skills, team coaching and leadership coaching with horses.

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