Marjolein Nagel


Explorer and liaison officer, Marjolein Nagel, has been an affiliate with the Tiara International network since 2010. Geared to reveal and strengthen organizational and personal leadership, she is happy to work with young professionals and their managers.

Marjolein has over 20 years experience as an independent management consultant, specializing in communication and change management in the public sector, locally, nationally and internationally. She is committed to connecting people with organizational strategy. She loves supporting leaders who are facing complex situations. She is a builder who develops strategies and solutions that work. She thrives in the face of new challenges, and there is no situation that is too extreme for her to take on. Marjolein says:

If people and organizations remember what their original purpose is, energy starts to flow in the right direction. My passion is to reveal this purpose or essential driver.  As soon as people start to recognize it, they know instantly what to do and how to act. The beauty is in the flow that shows from teams and professionals working from or towards their purpose. 

In 2014, Marjolein completed a pilgrimage, walking to Rome from Amsterdam. She brings in the wisdom and experience from this journey in her daily life and work. 

Marjolein studied Literature and Art at Utrecht University. She worked for the United Nations as well as national and local governments. She has her own consultancy firm and is a registered coach.

Read more about Marjolein’s leadership philosophy in her blog: Find true leadership, step-by-step.