Melissa Thornley


Melissa operates at the intersection of the left brain and right brain. She draws the creativity out of business people, and the business out of creative people. A veteran creative business professional, Melissa has produced and managed creative teams in Chicago, New York, and London.  Previous clients include McDonald’s, Walgreens, Anheuser Busch, Nike, Capital One, Coca-Cola and PBS.

In 2015, Melissa started her firm Melissa Thornley Consulting which focuses on leadership initiatives for entrepreneurs and organizations. Melissa is known for her contagious energy and passion for making the intangible tangible. Her results-oriented approach is based in equal parts inspiration and perspiration.

In addition to her traditional business background, she often draws upon her training in improv, movement and energy work. She keeps her own creative juices flowing through kung fu, dance, yoga, and writing.

Being a storyteller herself, Melissa has a fascination with people who push their creative edge. She created Beyond the Spot  a web series that explores what makes creative people tick and is currently directing a documentary about R&B artist Andre Williams.

A firm believer in self-awareness as a key to future success, she holds certifications in two leadership assessments:  Kolbe, which looks at natural strengths and problem-solving instincts and the EQi2.0, which measures emotional intelligence.

She holds certifications with the ICF (International Coaching Federation) as well as a CPCC (certified professional co-active coach) from the Coaches Training Institute. 

Melissa is also the Chicago Director for the Institute for Management Studies.


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